Fluorine Coating

DSP Leading Advanced PVD Technology

DSP uses advanced Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating technology based on advanced high vacuum technology to produce elegant, beautiful colors and durable arc-ion plated stainless steel products. This surface treatment process allows for wear resistant coatings by 10 times stronger than normal stainless steel products and lasts longer than any other coloring process known to date. The DSP stainless steel products are characterized by their color and gloss which are semi-permanent and they are strong enough to withstand acid rain and contaminants. They have greater resistance to fire resistance and resistance against chemicals than any other exterior finish materials.

Characteristics of fluorine color coating


The surface energy is low, so dust and contaminants do not stick well, and fall off easily. This feature leads excellent cleaning so it is good for external use.

Corrosion resistance

It is strongly resistant against a variety of external chemical reactions. This results in less surface change and prevents corrosion on the steel back.

Water repellent

As the water repellent of the surface inhibits contact with moisture, it is easy to clean and also it leads automatic falling of foreign substances.


Low surface friction coefficient reduces the risk of surface damage due to external friction.

Heat resistance

Fluoride resin has a flame retarding component and it is strong in heat change with little change at high or low temperatures.