Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy (Mandatory)

1. Consent to collect personal information.

The DSP Mall provides a procedure where the user may select to click [I agree] or [I do not agree] to the contents of its Personal Information Protection Policy or the Terms of Use, where if a user elects to click [I agree], such user is deemed to consent to the collection of personal information.

2. Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information

The term “Personal Information” means information related to a living individual that makes it possible to identify the individual by his/her full name, mobile phone number, etc. (including information which, if not by itself, makes it possible to identify any specific individual if combined with other information).

The majority of service is always available without a specific user registration. However, the Noblesse Mall collects and uses the personal information of users to provide customized services and enhanced quality therein through its membership service, for the following purposes:

  • - Name, ID, password and nickname: To confirm the identification to use membership services;
  • - E-mail, mobile phone number: To secure transparent communication including serving notifications and processing complaints, advertising new products or events;
  • - Address, phone number: To secure accurate delivery address for billing and deliver goods or services;
  • - Other optional information (occupation, area of interest, category of interest): To provide customized service; and
  • - IP Address: To prevent unjust use of a malicious member and to prevent unauthorized use.

The aforesaid collected information is used to implement contracts and process invoices related to the provided service, membership management, marketing and advertising.

3. Particulars of Personal Information to be Collected and Collecting Method

The DSP Mall collects personal information of users mandatory to provide service by on-line input when each user subscribes as a member to gain access to its membership service.

<Member Subscription>

ID, Password, Name, Nickname, Gender, Date of Birth, E-mail, Address, Mobile Phone Number, Phone Number

Furthermore the mall may ask users to provide selective personal information for the purpose to conduct surveys, statistical analysis for events, or to provide giveaways within the shopping mall.

However, the mall does not collect any sensitive information that is likely to threat the privacy of any human rights of a user including, but not limited to ethnic group or race, belief and ideology, hometown and reference domicile, political opinions and criminal records, health and sexual life, and if such sensitive information is inevitably required to be collected, the mall shall obtain the prior consent of users. Provided that, the mall shall not use information provided by users for purposes other than those notified to users, and shall not disclose nor leak users’ personal information to a third party without the prior consent of users.

4. Protection of Personal Information of Non-members

The DSP Mall provides services where a non-member may also procure goods or services. The Noblesse Mall requires non-member users to provide only information essential to process delivery, payment, and shipment of their orders.

Information of the payer and recipient of an order provided to DSP Mall by a non-member in his/her order shall not be used for purposes other than to settle payment and deliver products.

5. Installation, Operation of an Automatic Collection Tool of Personal Information, and Denial thereof

The DSP Mall uses Sessions to store and load users’ information to provide customized service thereto.

  • - Session
    Sessions are operating on the shopping mall’s server to store user information while a user is logged in to the shopping mall. Session information are automatically deleted once a user logs out from the shopping mall.
  • - Installation, operation and denial of sessions
    The user does not have the option on installing sessions. For services that require users’ log in, sessions are automatically created on the shopping mall’s server.

6. Retention Period and Use Period of Personal Information

The DSP Mall retains and uses personal information of users with the purpose to provide services, throughout the period where users access the service provided by the DSP Mall as a member of the shopping mall.
Provided that, if a user deletes, or corrects his/her personal information pursuant to the procedures and methods provided under “Clause 8. Access to, Correction or Deletion of Personal Information” of the Personal Information Protection Policy“, or if a user requests to unsubscribe his/her membership, the DSP Mall shall permanently from its disks with a method that does not allow regeneration of such personal information, and shall ensure such information cannot be subsequently accessed or used.

Furthermore, personal information collected with a temporary purpose (survey, events, identification confirmation, etc.) pursuant to “Clause 3. Particulars of Personal Information to be collected and Collecting Method”, shall be processed in the same manner upon fulfilling such temporary purpose, so that it cannot be reproduced in the future.

As a principle, users’ personal information shall be terminated once the purpose of collection or use has been fulfilled.

Furthermore, the Noblesse Mall shall retain members’ information if required under the COMMERCIAL ACT, the ACT ON THE CONSUMER PROTECTION IN ELECTRONIC COMMERCE, ETC. or other relevant laws, for the period prescribed therein.
In such case, the Noblesse Mall shall use such information only for the purpose of such retention, where such information shall be retained for the following period:

  • - Records of orders or canceled orders: 5 years;
  • - Records of payments and supply of goods and services: 5 years;
  • - Records of consumer complaints and dispute settlements: 3 years.

The Noblesse Mall safely processes the precious personal information of its users, and terminates such personal information in the following manners to prevent leakage thereof:

Personal information printed on paper shall be shredded or incinerated. Personal information stored on an electronic file shall be deleted with technical method that cannot reproduce the records.