Excellent choice of building finishes

The DSP stainless steel products are characterized by their color and gloss which are semi-permanent and they are strong enough to withstand acid rain and contaminants. They have greater resistance to fire resistance and resistance against chemicals than any other exterior finish materials.

N.C.C coating antibacterial test

Antibacterial tests

NCC coating antibacterial test

Unit : CFU

Type of bacteria Test Sample No. of bacteria 24 hours later Rate of elimination
E.coil STS 3.9 × 105 1.5 × 106 -
NCC STS < 10 99.99%
S.aureus STS 2.0 × 105 9.3 × 105 -
NCC STS < 10 99.99%

N.C.C Coating Sheet Antibacterial test report