Various Colors / Uniform Color / Economical Mass Production

Titanium color coil is manufactured using the physical deposition method where a chunk of titanium is placed into high vacuum to produce coating. This cutting-edge functional product is playing an important role in many areas including automotive, electrical and electronic industries.


As an alloy plated steel sheet combined with DSP’s unique coating technology, a solution for roofing, cladding, and building finishes.

Structure of the product

Characteristics of the product

  • Corrosion resistance

    Supermax is by 10 to 20 times stronger than normal GI steel sheets and has a self-healing function that creates its own film on the cross-section.

  • Surface strength

    Supermax has stronger scratch resistance than GI steel sheets.

  • Elegant colors

    It provides a beautiful surface in addition to DSP’s special ceramic coating and is free from discoloration.

  • Eco-friendliness

    As it significantly reduces the pollution of molds without Cr, it is eco-friendly.

  • Replacement of GI

    A product that can perfectly replace GI steel sheets.

  • Cost-saving

    Possible to operate effectively due to less maintenance costs due to high corrosion resistance.

Product Specifications

Unit : mm

Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Color Surface Raw materials
maximum 0.4 / 0.5 / 0.6 │ minimum 0.4 maximum 620 / 1000 / 1219 White / LightYellow /
Jade / Wine / Grey
Bead Blast (Dull) Hop dipped steel sheet
* Please contact us for sizes outside the specified specifications.
Physical properties Chemical properties
Steel Base Coverage Average Guaranteed Limit Percent
Longitudinal tensile strength - - - -
Yield strength, MPa 300 170~400 Carbon(C) 0.0408
Tensile strength, MPa 340 270~450 Phosphorus(P) 0.007
Elongation within 2 inches, minimum % 30 28~ Magnesium(Mn) 0.230
Rockwell hardness - 50-70 Sulfur(S) 0.0066
Supply conditions Default Options Production performance
(1-limited / S-excellent / NR-not recommended)
Tension leveling Smoothness Drawing NR
Pressing NR
Surface condition - Pittsburgh lock seam NR
Chemical treatment - Roll forming S
Welding* S
Painting** S
Surface coating Nano ceramic coating
Durability -
Ultraviolet resistance -
*No metamerism or delamination

What is NCC coating?

Nano Ceramic Coating

This is an electrochemical coating method using organic/inorganic hybrid technique It is easy to maintain and clean by improving antibacterial, anti-fouling and anti-fingerprint properties of the surface and it makes stainless steel more rust-resistant than normal stainless steel. It helps produce aesthetically elegant colors.



Light Yellow




Surface Reflectance / Surface Texture

characteristics of SUPERMAGS

Cross-section cutting mechanism

“Magnesium (Mg) in the plating layer promotes the formation of simonkolleite (Zn5(OH)8CI2 · H2O), a highly stable and dense corrosion product. This corrosion product is formed and maintained like a film on the plating layer to prevent corrosion of steel sheets. In addition, red rust occurs on the area exposed upon cutting. Since then, the corrosion product is covered on the cut surface and this prevents the corrosion of the section.“

Result of SUPER-MAGS reliability test

Unit : mm

Test Items Test Methods Result
Pencil hardness test Mitsubishi pencil 6H
Adhesion test Horizontal cutting (1mm × 1mm, 100) No problem
Shock resistance test Deformation test No problem
Test of resistance against chemical substances 5% NaOH spot test (2 hours) No problem
Immersion test in 5% NaCI (360 hours) No problem
Acetone immersion test (240 hours) No problem
M.E.K immersion test (240 hours) No problem
Immersion test in 5% CH3COOH (72 hours) No problem
Immersion test in 5% Na2CO3 (72 hours) No problem
Xylene immersion test (72 hours) No problem
Immersion test in 5% synthetic detergent (240 hours) No problem
Salt spray test 5% NaCFOG left unattended for 360 hours No problem
Accelerated weathering test Weather-O-Mater (artificial accelerated weathering tester) No problem
Accelerated contamination test Remove black marker pen with alcohol after 24 hours. No problem
Rubbing test Rubbing M.E.K. 100 times No problem
Rubbing IPA 100 times No problem
Rubbing acetone 100 times No problem
Heat resistance test Cut horizontally after 48 hours at 120 °C. No problem
Cold resistance test Cut horizontally after 24 hours at -5 ℃. No problem
Heat and cold resistance test Cut horizontally after one hour at temperature between 120 ℃ and 20 ℃ with 24 repetitions. No problem
Hot water resistance test Cut horizontally after immersing in boiled water for 12 hours. No problem
Hot and cold water resistance test Cut horizontally after repeating boiled water and iced water for 30 minutes. No problem.
Fire-proof test Gas torch for 30 minutes No toxic gas
Weldability Arc welding No problem
Bendability 90º bendable without V-cutting No problem

SUPERMAGS-applied products

Exterior material / Roofing

Panel system

J-MAX ZIP Sound Absorption Insulation System

Extruded joint panel

SUPERMAGS-applied products

J-Maxzip System

It is possible to install one sheet seamlessly and without cutting and drilling holes up to 150 meters and it is the most prefect exterior waterproofing system that prevents moisture and contaminants from being inputted from outside. Instead of works of sound absorption and sound insulation separated, both works are conducted as an assembled work. Because the construction period is short, it can be applied to a variety of projects including newly constructed buildings or remodeled ones. A wide range of materials such as SUPERMAGS, aluminum, Stell, colored stainless steel, bonded steel sheet (Stainless + Steel), copper, or titanium zinc, etc. are applicable enough to produce unique buildings. Based on several materials and colors, it has excellent durability and processability and it is possible to produce various designs.

Characteristics of J-Maxzip System Roofing

Classification Six characteristics of roofing materials
Surface treatment NCC Coating on 0.4T alloy-plated steel sheet
Finishing method A method of covering in connection with the roof in a looped joint structure in the horizontal direction on zipper clip.
Features 1. Perfect waterproof system There is no risk of leakage at the lower part because there is no screw work on the external fixed part.
The expansion and contraction of the material due to the change in the external temperature do not cause rupturing or leakage on the bonded part without fixing screws on the roof.
2. Perfect fixing system Green roof system integrated with the connected whole roof as one structure which includes a clip, a thermal protection pad, and Pulin
The clip head part responds to expansion and contraction of J-maxzip sheet depending on the change in external temperature.
3. Perfect durability It is an eco-friendly material that can be used for 30 to 100 years depending on the material and can be recycled.
J-maxzip Roofing acts as a conductor under normal conditions during rain and lightning.
It has a long support, and a great resistance to wind pressure and it is possible to handle contraction and expansion flexibly.
4. Easy construction Possible to produce on site by forming.
With the zipping machine which moves forward and backward, it is possible to seal and finish the sides of plates and possible to rapidly finish at a work site.
Possible to construct without drilling holes in the middle or overlapping with stiff plates because it is possible to make up to 150 meters.
5. Convenient maintenance With the zipping machine which moves forward and backward, it is easy to disassemble by part to save maintenance costs and it is possible to be rapidly handled.
6. Free curved surface rendering Possible to produce in a curved shape with our unique advanced equipment.